Allowable Order Types. Limit orders only.

Order Size. Round lots, mixed lots and odd lots, with a maximum order size of 99,999 shares per order.

Order Duration. Orders entered are only in force for the trading session during which they were entered. Good till canceled (GTC), good this day (GTD), good this week (GTW) and good this month (GTM) orders are not allowed.

Securities Available. NMS equity securities are eligible for trading.

The following are important caveats to the HM figure and PM figure.

Non-NMS Quotation Service (NNQS), Pink Sheets and securities traded on foreign exchanges are not eligible for extended-hours trading.

How Pershing Executes Extended-Hours Trades. Pershing executes extended-hours trades by routing orders to a participating exchange. The market center will automatically match client buy and sell orders with bids and offers they are holding. In addition, markets may be linked to other exchanges or electronic trading systems to improve the opportunity for your order to be executed.

Types of Orders That Can Be Placed During Extended-Hours Trading. Only limit orders may be entered in both the pre- and postmarket trading sessions. Other types of orders and order qualifiers, such as market, stop, all-or-none (AON) and fill-or-kill (FOK) are not currently available. The minimum order size is one (1) share and the maximum order size is 99,999 shares per order.